In line with EPSCO objectives, we are committed to providing a wide range of courses, customized in partnership with clients by means of in-house or in the client’s country. We currently have effective systems and structures in place to provide and conduct courses in English and Arabic in the client country where group size makes it economically feasible.


Why train with us?

Because we have helped develop the performance with many Oil and Gas companies to follow the standards, our expert knowledge means a lot, and when you train with us you will gain many benefits from this expertise.


Training options:

Your organization is unique, we offer a range of training options to suit you. From public to in-company and distance learning courses, there’s a perfect solution for you.


EPSCO has the capability of designing standard Competency Map (C-Map) to fit your job requirement.

C-Map is used for Operators, Maintenance and Lab Technicians. C-Map will help your employees to:

  • Understand development path and goals
  • Take control of their own progression and rewards,
  • Ensure your competent, compliant and safe Self-assess knowledge and capability,
  • Enhance job qualifications through self-paced learning.


After analyzing job requirements and duties, EPSCO can generate a c-map that meets the needs of a specific position.

Four key levels within the C-Map are created for each individual to follow:

  • Level 1: Awareness
  • Level 2: Knowledge / Basic
  • Level 3: Skillful Application
  • Level 4: Application Mastery


EPSCO also provides a wide range of services including design, development and delivery of training. EPSCO has a great range of Oil and Gas training courses, please don’t miss our training calendar for 2017.


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